Do you want to listen to your favorite music via audio streaming with Bluetooth® technologies? Are you looking for a way to maintain hands-free calling features coupled with Bluetooth® streaming music access? Then you will need to invest in a car A2DP receiver. The term A2DP is an acronym for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. Using an A2DP source and a car A2DP receiver allows you to rely on Bluetooth® to stream to a high quality A2DP protocol via wireless transmission.

If you are about to buy a new car stereo make sure the unit you are about to pay for not only allows for hands free calling options while in the vehicle, but also has a built in car A2DP receiver. Such a receiver is only present on a device equipped with Bluetooth® 2.0 or greater. Early versions of the technology do not support A2DP technologies – this is not because it was impossibility for earlier variants to work with A2DP devices. Rather, it was rarely a feature supported in earlier Bluetooth® versions.

If you want to listen to songs you have stored on your mobile device, there are car A2DP receiver options compatible with devices hosting an Android operating system, iOS, or alternative software program, but the smartphone must feature compatible A2DP Bluetooth® features. You must also use the device within the given distance of the car A2DP receiver so the signal can be detected and translated by the car receiver you install. The average distance from a Bluetooth® compatible device and the car A2DP receiver in which a signal can be detected and translated is about 394 inches or up to 10 meters. The receiver will have a button or touch operation allowing you to pair it with in-range compatible devices. Once detected and paired, you can instantly access tracks and music from your mobile device or home computer.