With more and more states passing legislation against cell phone usage in vehicles, getting a hands-free option is becoming a necessity. Even without this law, a wise driver knows that cutting down on distractions could save their life. There are many devices on the market for holding your phone but many of them are unreliable and obscure your view. Suction cups just do not perform well in every climate. A better solution is a car A/C vent phone holder. Most vehicles have a vent in a perfect location for being able to glance at your phone and have it handy without it getting in your way.

The Asscom Air Vent Universal Car Mount Holder is compatible with all smartphones. As long as your device is between 2.1 and 5.5 inches in width, this car A/C vent phone holder will hold it securely. It is fully adjustable with 360 degrees of rotation. The soft foam padding protects the phone and your car’s interior. Even the roughest terrain won’t send your phone flying.

Sometimes it is nice to have options, and that’s what you’ll gain with the Keymexx 6-in-1 Car Mount Cell Phone Holder. It is 3.35 wide for all smartphones and gives you plenty of ways to use it. You can mount your smartphone with the clamp or magnetic head on the dash, vent or windshield. It will hold your phone in portrait or landscape making it perfect for whatever you want to use your phone for.

What else can you spend so little for that could literally save your life? Getting and using a car A/C vent phone holder is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself, your family and others on the road safe while still keeping your phone close by for music, navigation and other hand-free operations. Every driver with a cell phone in the car should have one of these devices.