When on long road trips, having entertainment for family or friends can be hard to come by, especially in this digital age where everything from cell phones to laptop computers and tablets all require power and there aren’t enough car outlets to go around. A great alternative to provide additional power outlets without the need for special car adapters is a Power Inverter. These useful accessories will turn your car cigarette lighter port into a car A/C outlet in the blink of an eye.

BESTEK offers an extremely simple solution in their 75W Power Inverter with dual USB charging ports. This adapter allows for passengers to connect their electronics to recharge while also leaving USB ports available for compatible devices like phones, tablets, and GPS systems. This inverter is also available in a 150W model. The single A/C outlet may make this a fairly limited device if you’re in the need for multiple outlets, but fortunately, BESTEK has you covered.

Their 200W Power Inverter features three A/C outlets and 4 USB charging ports, so everyone in the car has a spot to plug in their device and avoid running out of entertainment before the trip runs out of miles. Kids who want to play on their laptop while making sure their phones are charged will be uninterrupted for hours of driving time through the use of this adapter, and there’s plenty of power to go around.

Adding a car A/C outlet is incredibly easy and open to a whole host of available options. Simply occupying one of the empty ports in your vehicle will provide you with plenty of connection choices so all of your devices remain fully powered and fully charged. When choosing a power inverter, just be mindful of the provided wattage and check the details to ensure the adapter will provide power to all of the devices you require. A low wattage car A/C outlet can power some things, but may be insufficient for all of your electronic needs. Despite that, power inverters are affordable and extremely easy to setup.