Keeping a device charged has never been easier. A range of choices such as the 24 28 usb charging cable offer on the go charging for even the most power zapping electronics. These great solutions are simple to pack and quickly fit into any usb port.

Anker 9.6A / 48W 4-Port USB Car Charger with PowerIQ Technology will charge a variety of mobile devices like those from Apple, Samsung and Nokia. The PowerIQ Technology will ensure a quick charge. Its speed is 2.4 amps for each port. Up to four mobile devices can be charged at one time.

The Samsung OEM Adaptive Fast USB Car Charger Power Adapter offers faster charging for Samsung devices. It can be used with devices that use quick charge and those that do not. Connect the mobile device by USB. A Micro-USB 2.0 cable comes with it.

J2CC has the Car Charger, J2cc 4 in 1 Dual USB Car Charger with Blue LED Display. This charger has an easy to read LED screen to tell the user facts concerning things like voltage, amps, or internal temperature. Two USB ports are available for charging. Safety features are included to protect the mobile device from things like over-charging.

This USB Car Charger,Tronsmart 4.8A 2-Port Rapid Car Charger works with both Apple and Android devices. It has two 2.0 ports for convenience. This charger is made to prevent any over heating and over charging. VoltIQ technology is in both ports. Two micro USB cables that are 3.3 feet come with the charger.

This basic charger from AmazonBasics is perfect for someone looking for a simple, easy to use charger. AmazonBasics 2-Port USB Car Charger can take care of charging two devices at one time. Both ports charge with a 2.1 amp output. A LED light will let the user know the charger is working.

Great charging options make quick work of drained batteries. The 24 28 usb charging cable is just one example of high quality solutions. Each cable is made to provide a tight fit and secure charge.