Heading out on a family road trip sounds like a great idea in theory, until the children start asking the dreaded question, “are we there yet”? In the past, the only entertainment parents could offer their children were books and easy car games. With advances in technology, parents now have more options to keep their children entertained until they reach their vacation destination.

One option is to bring a handheld gaming device. Children can play whatever game they want and will remain quiet in the backseat. If using this option of entertainment, it is best that each child have their own gaming device, or fights could break out about whose turn it is to play with the game console.

Another option that won’t require as much sharing between the children is bringing a 9-inch portable DVD player. The kids can sit next to each other and quietly watch a movie, keeping them entertained for a couple hours at a time. Sitting closely together may not be an option as it could also result in a fight. A car 9-inch DVD player mount will easily resolve this issue.

The BOSS AUDIO BV90BA Widescreen Flip Down and Swivel monitor is a car 9-inch DVD player mount with the DVD player already built into the design. The built in wireless IR transmitter will allow each child to have their own set of headphones and eliminate unsightly wires from the headphones to the DVD player. It also has a USB port allowing for more than just DVDs to be used with the unit. Parents can download several movies onto one USB device making packing for the trip even easier. The screen will swivel 30 degrees making it easy for each child to view the movie while reducing glare on the screen.