Your phone contains all of your important personal information and serves as a lifeline for your communication. Don’t risk getting stuck somewhere with a dead battery. A car 5V cable and charger will ensure that you never find yourself without battery life and no way to charge your phone.

One popular option is the Maxboost Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger. This is a 30 watt USB car charger with dual ports. It has a five volt, 12 watt USB port that features Smart Port technology, so it will identify the model of your phone or tablet and charge it. It also has a 2.0 output with the integrated three-foot mico USB cord that has a maximum capability of 18 volts.

Another great choice for a car 5V cable and phone charger is the Aedily’s iPhone 6 Cable Wall Charger, Car Charger Compact 4-in-1. This charger is a dual functioning AC outlet and car charger. It is compatible with several models of devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S6 and S6 Edge, LG, Blackberry and more. This travel charger has an output of 2.1 amps and five volts. It comes in black or white.

A third selection is the Popower Four Port USB Car Charger. This car charger also uses Smart Technology, so it will recognize the model of your phone or tablet and charge it. It features four micro USB ports, so you can charge four devices at once and it offers full speed charging simultaneously for all ports. It contains two 2.4 amp USB ports and two 1A USB ports. This charger has a built-in safety guard to protect against overpowering and overheating.

Make sure you are never caught without battery power to your phone when you really need it. A car 5V cable and charger from one of these quality brands will keep you up and running and ready for anything.