Charging on the go has quickly become a requirement for many people during their daily commutes. Whether you’re driving to work and forgot to charge your phone or are excited to see a friend or family member’s first ball game, having a charged mobile device will be sure you are able to receive important updates and capture memories you know you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Although there is a large variety of mobile chargers out there, choosing the right charger for you shouldn’t be a daunting task. From smaller chargers offering 1 amp of power for low power devices to beefier car 5v 3a USB chargers, you can be sure to find the right charger for your needs.

Anyone looking to charge a smaller mobile device or music player may enjoy the small size options. With ratings of 1 amp to 1.5 amp, these chargers will supply the voltage needed by smaller devices to charge while remaining cool to the touch. However, for anyone looking to charge a modern smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, a stronger charger can help to cut down on charge time.

With options like the JOTO USB Type C car charger, you’ll be able to enjoy the quick charging feature of your new device with the 3a of power supplied. While chargers of this type are excellent for a single device, someone looking to charge multiple devices at once may look to something with even more output.

With many dual charging options, like the OPSO 15w 3a charger, the Kimdrox 3a 15w Dual Power Adapter and the stylish JLoisos dual quick charging adapter, you’ll be able to quickly and easily charge multiple devices to ensure that everyone is kept happy.

Whether you’re just looking for a car 5v 3a USB charger to get you through the day, a quick charge adapter to make sure your phone is charged quickly during your short trip or a multi-charging device to ensure everyone in the family has the power needed to stay in touch, they’re all here.