Safe driving requires two hands on the wheel, which is an increasingly difficult task as more and more digital devices are added to the car’s arsenal. Fortunately, drivers can listen to music and phone calls easily and conveniently thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology. These devices extend the capabilities of many audio systems, allowing users to operate the device with minimal maintenance or safety risk.

When considering a car 30pin Bluetooth receiver, it’s important to research your vehicle’s current system to ensure the device will work seamlessly with your system. Most device descriptions include a short list of interfaces that are known to work without issue. For example, the Bovee Viseeo Tune2air WMA1000 is specifically compatible with popular Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen interfaces.

Customers looking for a car 30pin Bluetooth receiver have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to manufacturers. Bovee, Oittm and iKross are just a few of the brand lines currently available. Complexity in products ranges from simple plug-and-play receivers to multi-device setups that can be adapted for a variety of situations. Additional components that can be added to Bluetooth systems includes amplifiers, window or dashboard mounts and remote control units to position in a safer location for driver use.

Some of these receivers make life easier by adding additional hands-free functionality to music streaming, like repeat and shuffle. Overall, Bluetooth is often more convenient for drivers, as there’s no need for multiple cords connecting all of the devices to the car system. Instead, phones, players and other electronics can be placed so that they won’t obstruct vision of the road.

Customers should take care that their selected car 30pin Bluetooth receiver will work with the MP3 players, phones and other devices that are used in the car. Many popular device brands can be integrated with extra components if they are not immediately compatible.