People are more mobile today than ever before. You may have numerous electronic devices that you and your family use when traveling and commuting. The problem comes in when you only have one or two DC sockets in your vehicle and everyone needs it at the same time. Thankfully, there are various types of car 3 prong and USB adapters that can fit the bill and keep your family from fighting.
There are three common types of car 3 prong and USB adapters. One gives the ability to power two or more USB devices from one DC socket. Another type also provides for an additional DC socket, and the last includes a power inverter so that you can also power 110V AC devices. This last option gives you complete versatility, whereas the other two are sufficient for charging cell phones and other USB devices.
Bestek is a popular provider of all sorts of various electronic devices ranging from various car 3 prong and USB devices to travel and in-home use devices. They offer 4-way splitters that give you USB ports as well as an additional DC socket and also power inverter systems that provide both USB and 110V AC power. These power inverters are especially helpful when bringing items, such as some older DVD players, that do not have either a 3-prong or USB cord.
When shopping for a car 3 prong and USB adapter, consider just how many items you will need plugged in, and also look for products that have a sturdy cable of reasonable length. The better units also offer faster charging which can be a lifesaver as well.
A quality car 3 prong and USB adapter will save your next road trip from the whining of those running out of power. Keep them busy and you might just avoid that constant “are we there yet?” question.