In the ever-connected world of today, running out of battery power has become one of the biggest frustrations people face every day. Whether you’re about to send a text to inform someone that you’re going to be a little late to a meeting or simply want to let someone know that you’ll be home soon, a low power indicator can increase your stress level as well as add to any frustration you’re currently dealing with. However, with the use of a high-powered USB charger, you’ll never have to worry again.

With the wide range of electronic devices you may use throughout your day, it’s important to know that the car charger you’re looking for will be able to quickly and efficiently handle your charging needs. Whether you need to charge your cell phone quickly or get your iPad battery back in check, a high-powered car 3 amp 12 volt USB adapter is exactly what you’ll need.

While some car chargers will only charge at a rate of 1 or 1.5 amp, a 3 amp charger will be able to provide you with the power you need much more quickly. With modern cell phones utilizing quick charge features, a car 3 amp 12 volt USB charger will charge your cell phone in a fraction of the time of a traditional car phone charger.

Options like the 3.4 amp dual car charger by Vority make it possible to charge two devices at once. For anyone seeking a little more juice, a great car charger like iXCC’s 3 port USB 7.2 amp can provide ample power for the family that needs to stay connected. With an astounding 7.2 amps provided to the three usb ports, you’ll be able to charge even the heaviest and highest capacity devices in little time.

Whether you’re a family of four traveling on vacation during the holidays or a traveler of the world looking to stay connected to your loved ones, the right car charger will ensure you never have to look for a place to plug in again.