Technology has made it possible for us to stay in touch with the people and things that we love so much easier than ever before. Now it seems that it is impossible for us to leave our homes without a gadget of some sort. Whether it is a smart phone device, a tablet or laptop, when you take your electronics on the go with you, you will need a way to keep these devices charged. A car 2 amp phone charger is a great accessory to have on hand whether you need to charge your device as you run errands for the day or while you are on the road traveling cross-country.

The iXCC 36W 3-Port USB car charger offers plenty of charging power whenever you need it. This device plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter for quick and easy access to a compatible charger for your Android or Windows device. With a 7.2 amp output this 36W multi-use charger can provide you with plenty of power. It features three USB ports so that you can charge your phone, tablet or other device all at the same time. This device can rapidly charge up your Apple iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and a wide range of other compatible devices. The iXCC car charger is available in either white or black.

Another great dual port car charger that is compact and easy to use is the PoPower 5 volt, 2.4amp charger. This device can be used with your iPhone 5 as well as your Samsung Galaxy smart phone and tablet. It features an LED light for easy use after dark and two USB ports so that you can charge more than one item at the same time.
If you are in need of a quality car 2 amp phone charger to keep your smartphone or other compatible charged and ready to go, be sure to check out these high quality products that are recommended by other tech savvy consumers.