Driving from work to school to after school activities – Americans today live their lives in their vehicles. We are rarely home long enough to keep our electronics charged, and we need our devices more than ever before to keep track of the hectic pace of our modern lives. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your laptops, notebooks and other larger electronics charged up, or to quickly charge up your cell phones or tablets – and that is to use a car 12V plug adapter so you can bypass the USB trickle charge that many vehicles use.

The Roadpro 12V Fused Replacement Cigarette Lighter Plug with Leads is manufactured with heavy duty 16-gauge copper wire leads and includes a built-in fused cigarette lighter plug. It features green LED indicators and a finger grip to make it easier to pull out the plug. The dual spring contacts work to provide you with maximum conductivity, and installation is very simple. The replacement lighter plug is very inexpensive, and even available as part of the Add-On program, which allows you to add inexpensive items to your larger order without incurring additional shipping costs.

The Universal AC to DC Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter by Reiko works to convert power for any cell phone charger to a standard car 12V plug or adapter. You can use the DC to AC power adapter to transform traditional electrical outlets into a power charger when you’re away from the car. You can get power anytime, anywhere with this new power adapter.

If you want to quick-charge your iPad or laptop, check out BESTEK’s 75W Power Inverter DC 12v to 110V AC Car Adapter. Get a continuous 75 watts of power with one AC outlet and two USB charging ports.

Don’t ever run out of juice when you’re on the road with a car power adapter.