In the old days, so many people in the US smoked that every car was equipped with a cigarette lighter. As smoking started to dwindle, though, we found other uses for those lighters. Instead of plugging in a hot coil to light a cigarette, we started plugging in cell phone chargers, AM/FM transmitters, and other electronic devices. While the actual lighters that went in those outlets aren’t even included in most cars anymore, the outlets themselves are more useful than ever, and a lot of cars even come with two outlets to let you charge and use more devices. Of course, to do that, you need the right car 12v aux converter, charger, or transmitter.

If you have a car that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities or a USB port in the stereo, you might think that your chances of listening to music from your phone on your car stereo are nil. However, with a Pyle FM radio transmitter, you only need a USB charger cable, and you’ll be set. Plug your phone into the transmitter, turn your radio to the frequency on the transmitter’s LCD screen, and start listening to music directly from your phone.

Want a truly hands-free experience with your phone when you’re driving? You can get a wireless hands-free speaker and stereo receiver kit that works with most Bluetooth capable devices. Instead of buying a new stereo system, you can upgrade to an infotainment system just by getting this kit and connecting to your phone.

Need to charge more devices? Car Mate has a two-way auxiliary socket adapter that makes two aux sockets available where there was only one. Then you can charge everyone’s phones and tablets at the same time while you drive.

From charging your phones and other devices to listening to your favorite music and talking to friends on the phone through your stereo, with the right car 12v aux adapter or transmitter, you can do it all.