Today, most people have multiple electronic devices that they use regularly. Being able to connect them to one another is quite beneficial. However, having the right cables to do this is essential. In order to easily connect devices to one another, a capture device PC will be needed. This will take your video files from your camera or VCR and then convert them to be used on the computer. These are offered by a number of manufacturers, but it is essential to take the time to find a quality option that will meet your needs.

One option to consider is the August VGB100, USB 2.0 Capture Device Card. This device allows you to capture all of your video files from your camera or your VCR and then allow you to use freeze frames. This will allow you to make digital stills from the video footage that you have recorded. When you purchase this, you can also use it with DVD burning software to turn your VCR movies and camera recordings into easily watchable DVDs.

Another option is the Elgato Video Capture device. This can be used with your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. This makes it rare, since most cords or cables are only compatible with either a PC or Mac, but with this one, you have a single cord that can work with both devices. It is also world ready and includes the RCA and composite video cable.

When you are purchasing any cable or cord, you have to check and double check that it is compatible with your devices. There are a number of capture device PC cords to choose from so be sure to find one that will work for you. Purchase this cord to easily transform your captured videos and images.