Nothing has been integrated into our society faster than the invention of online media. And with the advent of online careers, we’re now adapting to online learning, through tutorial videos on Youtube, or software training and education systems through webcasts, or even watching and/or attending webinars with thousands of people around the world. All of these concepts couldn’t function without the right media connections, and the PCI capture card, for picture, video and audio is a great solution to intertwining your many media outlets.

Become a part of the action and invest in StarTech’s High-definition PCIe Capture Card. Capture seamless picture quality that can be transferred between HDMI, DVI, VGA or CPNT inputs. Grab HD 1080P picture and audio, and gain an astonishing 60 frames per second – most can only capture 30 at a time. This all-in-one capture card for picture and audio lets you record such high quality media straight to your computer system. Record original content from an assortment of sources, such as computers, camcorders, security systems, and more. Furthermore, once you’ve collected all of this footage, you can easily edit, compile and archive it all, wherever you choose to store it.

Or focus solely on your video production with a capture card for picture and video, such as the Picolo Series High Quality Video Capture Cards. These cards digitize the video signal from security and surveillance cameras, giving you up-to-speed data feedback, in high-quality video streaming. Or utilize these cards for your online business, such as streaming live video feeds through certain applications, or record footage for training sessions online, that you can easily output to your intended websites.

Get into the online media game and use capture cards for picture, audio and video, to really control your streaming and media collections and let them take you into the new age.