Social media and citizen journalism have combined to create a whole new generation of amateur videographers and vloggers. With YouTube as a massive sharing platform for artists and entrepreneurs of all levels, you almost have to have a video presence in order to get noticed these days. Using a capture card for laptop entertainment pieces has become a simple and easy way for people to share their story or brand on a wide variety of online networking avenues.

If you frequently move between different Microsoft based devices, the Generic USB 2.0 EasyCap DC60 is a solid choice. This device is compatible with Windows 7 and even old school computers that have Windows XP or Vista 32 operating systems. Known for being able to quickly capture video game play and audio, this device also includes a CD-ROM that provides a driver and video editing software. It is great for the beginning or seasoned videographer.

Sabrent is another popular choice, particularly for people who enjoy live TV capture. With easy remote control, this personal video recorder is able to receive and capture video on your PC or laptop without you even getting up off the couch. Television captured with the USB 2.0 TV Tuner/Video Capture Box is able to be stored in MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and M-PEG-4 formats with 704×480 (NTSC) resolutions.

Elgato is the preferred choice of gamers who use Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Playstation4 and Wii U for video captures. This capture card for laptop device allows recording and streaming of video play at 1080p quality, feeding it directly to your PC or Mac. Users can quickly upload streams to YouTbe, Twitch, and Ustream and add in customized webcam and overlay as well as use the nifty Live Commentary feature for voice overs.

Sharing video captures is becoming a standard practice. Choose fully-featured devices like this to up your game or make your first experience with screen captures easy with little to no learning curve.