Capture cards work great for storing your data on multiple formats. Switching from analog to digital is the way of the new world, so keeping your beloved audio and video footage by transferring it to today’s technology standards guarantees it will last. Having these expansion boards to convert from various sources like your cable television, DVD player or video camera, is a must. Being able to watch your recordings on various devices, and save them as new media files, works far better for storage concerns as well.

However, for newer devices like the iPad Mini or other similar tablets, capture cards aren’t used as widely as they used to be. Now, instead of installing an internal circuit board, technology has moved on to utilizing external boxes, made to connect to your Macs or PCs through your USB cords and ports. So despite wanting to find a capture card for your iPad Mini, it would be far easier to look into external devices instead.

Consider finding something to erase all of your media troubles, like the BlackMagic Design Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0. Providing you with dynamic 10bit HDMI and analog editing, this multipurpose device gives you the highest quality input and output connections. All of the component ports you need are available on either side of the shuttle for an easy transfer. It captures HD images straight from other analog devices’ image sensors, and their uncompressed media format allows for stunning live streaming.

Or go with the Elgato Video Capture Adaptor for your Mac or PC, iPad and iPhone, which comes equipped with the correct cables and adaptor necessary to conduct all of your media transfers.

Don’t waste time scouring the planet trying to find a capture card for your iPad Mini, when either of these external adaptors are far easier to find, and an upgrade in quality to boot.