Many of our home movies, or our grandparents’ home movies, are on VCR tapes. If you are wanting to transfer these to your computer, a capture card for a camcorder can be the solution. This can make your old videos digital, so they can be shared with other family members and passed down through generations.

Elgato Video Capture, Capture Analog Video for your Mac or PC makes it simple to transfer videos from an analog source to your PC or Mac. The software will guide you through each step of the process, so there is no confusion on what you need to do next. The software also helps you choose how you share and watch the newly digitized movies to make it even easier. Play the movies on your computer, iPhone, or iPad to show your family members.

Ezcap282 Hdmi Video Capture Card Convert Hdmi/ypbpr to Hdmi U Flash Driver supports all video sources input. It will pass the 1080P through to play on your television screen. You can also record your voice along with the video by using the microphone input feature. This is specifically designed for those who want to stream their gaming in HD footage and upload it onto the internet. It can even be streamed live if you so desire.

Dazzle DVD Recorder HD VHS to DVD Converter includes installation software for your computer. Once you turn your old VHS tapes into DVDs, you will be able to distribute them to friends and family members. It also comes with video editing software to create your own home videos. This product also allows you to watch your videos on the go, such as on your smartphone, gaming console, tablet, and YouTube.

A capture card for a camcorder is a great option if you want to change your old VHS movies into a digital or DVD format.