Shooting with a camera strap provides comfort, accessibility, and a little extra insurance for your camera safety. A Canon camera strap can fit multiple types of professional cameras including the 7D, Rebel T5i, T4i, 5D Mark III, 6D, and the 60D. When shopping for a strap, there are multiple styles and designs to choose from. Each design provides a lot more than just looks, they can add comfort and function.

Carrying a camera all day long can cause a lot aches in your arms, shoulder, and neck. Walk around hands-free by purchasing a padded Canon camera strap. A red neoprene comfort camera padded shoulder neck strap features extra padding to support the camera on your body. An official Canon logo on the center of the strap helps match your camera equipment. Adjustable sections of the strap make it easy to position the camera comfortably on your body.

If you do not need the extra padding on your strap, but you want the official Canon look, then you can purchase a replica strap. These straps are the standard strap that comes with your Canon camera. These straps feature a black base, red lining, and a large embroidered Canon logo across the strap material.

Photographers are often artists with a style and vision. You can relay that vision with a stylish Canon camera strap. There are a number of strap designs that feature colors, patterns, and symbols. The Orota vintage camera strap features a Native American patterned design that includes patterned stripes, circles, and peaks to create a unique collage of colors. Another vintage strap includes Eggsnow camera strap with a black and white design. The strap includes a black base with white stripes of various sizes and shapes. A anti-slip belt on the strap prevents it from falling off your shoulder and helps keep the camera secure.

Purchasing a new camera strap can add durability, strength, and style to your digital camera. The straps also make great gifts for the photographer in your life.