Gone are the days when the number of pictures you can take is heavily dependent on the roll of film that you have. With an SD card to go with a digital camera, taking pictures can go by the hundreds or even thousands. If you own a Canon SX50, you’re going to need a specific and high-capacity Cannon SX 50 camera SD card to get the most out of your camera.

The Canon SX50 is a dream camera for a lot of people. It boasts of ultrazoom feature that still offers very good overall image quality, regardless of how close you need to zoom in on a subject. And the 50X indicates a 50X, 24 – 1200 mm lens. This means 24 mm full wide angle to full telephoto at 1200 mm.

But it is not perfect. It doesn’t have internal built-in memory, which means you’re going to need a memory card before you can use the camera. If you do mostly stills, a 4 GB SD card would suffice. But if you plan to record full HD video, then you should buy 8 or 16 GB card. Whichever is the case, make sure the card is high speed – class 6 or higher, so it can keep up with the camera’s performance.

What are your options for Cannon SX 50 camera SD card?
Zectron Pro Memory Card is an ideal choice because it meets the requirements of a Canon Powershot SX50 camera. It has 32 GB of memory space, and a Class 10 ultra-high speed SDHC memory card with a write speed of 19 MB/s, and a read speed of 20 MB/s. Because of its speed specifications, it can support high megapixel rating. And if you don’t know it, Class 10 memory cards, have the fastest speed available.

SD memory cards can also come with a camera bundle, similar to the Canon PowerShot SX 50 Accessories Bundle Kit. The kit comes with an 8 GB, Class 6 high speed memory card.
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