While you could spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours heading to your local mechanic as soon as that irritating “check engine” light comes on, you really don’t have to. All you really need is a scan tool of your own that is just like what the mechanics use – without the outrageous price tag.

You’ve seen the large scanners that many car places use to check the codes on your vehicle to determine what’s wrong. If you want to do this on your own, all you need is a Car Vehicle Bluetooth Diagnostic Scan Tool from Amtake. This mini 16-pin power switch features a CAN BUS adapter that will allow it to work with most Windows and Android operating systems. You’ll have access to all the codes that your car may display when the “check engine” light is on, so you’ll know exactly what the problem is before you ever head to the shop for repairs.

If you already have an analyzer, such as one from the CableAnalyzer series, you can opt for the Fluke Networks DTX-CHA002S Cat 6A/Class EA Channel Adapter. This set of two adapters is compatible with Class EA/E/D/C channels and tests Cat 6A/6/5e/3 models. These CAN BUS adapters are designed for use with Alien Crosstalk measurements.

If you need an adapter that offers protection for other circuits, the USN to 1 PORT Isolated CAN BUS Adapter is exactly what you need. The circuitry inside the unit uses digital isolators to protect the CAN BUS transceiver and the rest of the circuit. It offers a 1 Mbps max data rate, has flexible mounting options and is compatible with both Linux and Windows platforms with the appropriate free device drivers.

Whether checking your own vehicle to save valuable time and money, or trying to work with varying systems, the right CAN BUS adapter can help you do it.