We all know people who mistakenly believe that they don’t need a protective case for their cell phone. They’ll just be careful. Then, inevitably, they drop it and panic ensues. The best case scenario is that the screen has to be replaced. In the worst case scenario, if dropped from a great height, the phone can be broken beyond repair.

If you need a cell phone case for your HTC Desire 610, you have plenty of options for great cases in a variety of patterns. If you love camo, you can get a cell phone case for your HTC desire 610 from MINITURTLE. The Full Body Fusion STRIKE Impact Kickstand Case includes a screen protector and stylus pen in Nature’s Camouflage. The outer casing is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, while the inner casing is a shock-absorbing silicone gel skin. It protects all of your phone’s exposed parts, and the kickstand can be used in either portrait or landscape view.

Another great camo cell phone case for your HTC Desire is the TC Desire MPERO SNAPZ Series Rubberized Case in classic green camo from Empire Case. It is also made from polycarbonate material, and features a two-piece design that easily snaps into place. It gives you full access to all your phone’s features while adding very little in the way of bulk or weight.

FXclusive’s offering is the Image Design Graphic Piictorial Pattern Cellphone Shell Cover. This is a two piece case that snaps on and off, and features a primitive looking camo design that will definitely catch your eye. The design is UV printed, not a decal, so it will never peel off.

With all the options you have available to you in a camo cell phone case for your HTC desire, you can be assured of finding one that will meet your needs.