When you want to bring your phone with you hunting or fishing, or while participating in another outdoor sport, you may want to make sure that it won’t draw any unwanted attention. Other than putting it on silent and making sure the flash doesn’t accidentally go off, you can also get a camouflage cause that will help your phone blend in with your other gear. There are many camo cases for LG Leon phones that can be purchased at online retailers.

The Nature’s Camouflage LG Leon case by MINITURTLE is a heavy duty snap on case that doesn’t add any bulk in your pocket. It protects your phone from all angles, and the camo pattern mimics the look of the trees and leaves you are surrounded by. This case comes with a stylus, a screen protector, and the small pry tool necessary for getting the case off.

If you want something heavy duty to protect your phone from falls while you are climbing or running, CellJoy sells armor cases for LG Leon phones that would be a great choice. This case is a dual-layer case with a soft inner sleeve and a hard outer shell. It has reinforced bumpers at the corners that protect the most delicate parts of a phone, and the camo green pattern works for many environments.

The NakedShield for LG Leon is another dual layer case that also includes a build in kickstand and a screen protector. This case is white and red with a grass camo pattern on the back. The combination of silicone and polymer is combat tough, ready to go with you anywhere.

Keep your phone safe and hidden from sight when you are hunting or fishing. With any of these choices for camo cases for an LG Leon phone, your device will be just as ready as you are to take on the day.