While driving, you still want to be able to access your devices, especially your GPS or GoPro camera. If you don’t have a way to install your device to your vehicle, you are in luck because there are options available to you. You simply need a camera suction mount, first and foremost in order to keep your device secured down while driving. This means your phone, table, MP3 player could fit and stay close by to you.

EPBOWPT has their 360 degrees Rotation Suction Cup Mount comes with a bonus tripod mount and Quick release Buckle mount for the GoPro. This means you could set up your GoPro to take video footage as you drive. This would give you a third party view of what it is like to drive. This offers a wide range of motion and is very durable. You can use this in a car, truck, and van on top of the dashboard providing it is clean and dry.

CEARI Car Windshield Triple Vacuum Suction Cup with Ball Head is perfect for any of your electronic devices. The ball head allows for greater range of motion and more angles of viewing for the camera. This is compatible with the GoPro and other similar cameras. This mount comes with a microfiber cloth for wiping the area clean before installation to your windshield, so it will last.

Fotodiox Windshield Suction Cup Mount with Ball head also has an attachment to use your smartphone as well as video filming device. This powerful and extra wide suction cup will hold your devices securely as you drive. The attachment for your smartphone is great for turning your phone into a GPS.

Don’t miss out on spectacular, unique footage while driving. Get yourself a camera suction mount to secure your devices to your dashboard or windshield and capture some fast paced film to share with your friends.