A gimbal or camera gimble is a very nifty device that can hold your GoPro and similar cameras steady as you capture your best moments. Gimbals enable your camera to capture videos minus the shakiness that inevitably happens when you are taking videos while moving at the same time. Gimbals can either be mounted or held by hand.

A camera gimble is a kind of support where you can mount your video recording device so that it remains stable no matter which way the one carrying it is facing. In other words, a gimbal will be able to aim at the same direction even if the vessel bearing it is looking the other way.

Walkera, for example, offers its G-2D 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal which is ideal for those who are into aerial photography. This gimbal can support GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 as well as iLook cameras. Made of aluminum alloy CNC, this is a lightweight and stable camera that can provide stability and precision as you take those aerial shots.

If you use your iPhone to take videos as often as you do with your GoPro, the LanParte HHG-01 Handheld Gimbal is what you need to support both devices. You can be sure that your smartphone is kept free from the shakes that come with holding it because of its motorized three-axis gimbal and six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit. It can also follow the tilt and pan motion of your wrist so you get more natural shots.

The Feiyu G3 is another handheld gimbal that works with GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ cameras. This 3-Axis powered gimbal features 300 degree pan/tilt and 90 degree roll rotation. With its single-button operation, this is a gimbal that is very easy to use.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your videos producing the Jello effect and not having enough usable footage. A camera gimble can stabilize your camera so that you produce clear videos of your thrilling adventures.