Chat with your friends or take selfies of yourself hard at work with a new camera for your Mac Mini.

External web cams can offer amazing features such as 1080p video and 360 degree shots. A built in camera can only shoot where the computer is facing and thus is much less flexible than an external one which can shoot something while you watch the input feed on the screen to make adjustments and press pause.

A great choice of camera for your Mac Mini is the Logitech HD Webcam C615. This webcam folds up in a matter of seconds and also offers the 360-degree shooting capability that is important. Portable and powerful, this webcam has a lot to offer amateur filmmakers and those who just want to Skype in higher quality with friends and family spread across the world.

Another great choice of camera for your Mac Mini is the Apple iSight FireWire Webcam. This camera is compatible with most Apple computers including the Mac Mini and comes equipped with three camera stands for maximum flexibility.

The iSight’s best feature is that it provides a sharp sounding dual-element microphone built right in. Most integrated microphones, as any experienced filmmaker will tell you, are usually poor quality and can inject lots of noise into the audio file. We have found that this is one of the best integrated microphones on the market and prevents the average user from having to buy an external microphone to obtain decent audio quality.

Many other generic webcams and cameras will work with a wide variety of laptops and computers, and you simply have to make sure the type of connecting plugs is compatible with your setup.

Make the most of your world and share high quality video with friends and family over the Internet with the power of a camera for your Mac Mini.