You’d think with the design of new cars that car theft would be virtually impossible to carry out anymore. However, it still happens, and far more frequently than we’d like to consider. Car alarms were a great invention when they were first introduced. But the frequency with which people set off their own alarms every day has now led people to hardly pay attention to them, proving them to be more or less obsolete. If you want your vehicle to be protected when you’re away, you must take matters into your own hands to devise a way to keep it safe. For that extra security, look into a camera for cars.

Keep your car protected with a Rexing V1 2.7″ LCD FHD 1080p 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder. A stellar camera for cars, this dashboard camera recorder has full-HD technology protection to record great lengths of usable footage. It has an accident auto-detection feature, called a G-sensor, that can also lock data into its memory. With night vision and motion detection, this dependable tech buddy will be on the lookout for you at all times, while it discreetly rests on your dashboard. The recorder has its film set to loop, so it will replace older footage with the newest to keep watch consistently in real-time.

Save space on your dashboard itself with a suspended model that hangs from your rearview mirror, such as the GEKO E1008G E100 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam – Car DVR Dashboard Camera Video Recorder. Another discrete model offering daily video footage, the same night vision and motion sensor are included. However, the GEKO product features a parking monitor system, and the ability to not be affected by harsh temperatures, cold or hot.

For the safety and protection of your vehicle, invest in a camera for cars to give you reliable support when you’re away.