Secure your Panasonic Lumix digital camera with optimum protection while you are on a trip.

A camera case is an essential traveling accessory to help you protect your precious compact point-and-shoot digital camera. The camera case with strap is just one of the several styles to carry the camera with comfort around your neck. Let this wide selection of around-neck camera cases for Lumix deliver you the best designs to match any demand both on functionality and design.

Consider first the type of material you prefer. For various reasons, photo enthusiasts may benefit in any of these camera case materials including nylon, leather, neoprene and others. For example, GTMax features a durable, water-resistant neoprene camera case with anti-slip neck strap. The stretchable neck strap allows you to carry your camera without causing any neck skin irritation. Check out also the eBigValue camera case which is made of a nylon and polyester combination. This type of case features quality craftsmanship with soft micro fiber lining to protect the camera against scratches and bumps.

You may consider the leather camera case from Lance Camera Straps. The genuine leather case offers durability and gives you a professional look because of its stylish design. However, it may not be as resistant to moist when heavily exposed to rain. It also has a tendency to crack or even discolorate after a prolong use. Consider also the compartment size you need though these camera cases are universal in size to accommodate different camera models.

If you are considering the neck strap, choose the one with wider foam material for an extra comfort while carrying your 280-gram camera. Non-adjustable neck straps are also available to refrain yourself from adjusting the strap more often. Furthermore, these camera cases have extra pockets to store other camera accessories like charger, SD cards and a spare battery.

Protecting your Lumix camera with a camera case is an important consideration to keep it in good working condition. When you
have one of these valuable camera accessories, you’ll never miss any attractive scenic views around.