When you’re a traveler comfortable with carrying a laptop everywhere or a serious photographer or videographer who edits immediately his or her work right after shoots, you need a dedicated utilitarian carry-all bag that will safely secure your digital essentials. A heavy-duty camera and laptop sling bag is your travel-ready companion that allows you to grab your gear quickly while protecting it from bumps or the occasional splashes.

A photographer who captures the best shots deserves no less than the best bag for his or her travels. The National Geographic Mediterranean Medium Sling Bag offers to effectively secure your personal gear, laptop, and DSLR with its Manfrotto technology that features ample padding to protect your delicate equipment from bumps. It is designed with dedicated inner compartments for your most sensitive equipment. Its design is inspired by sea and travel on a soft cotton canvas exterior with genuine leather details to add a stylish yet natural feel.

Backpacks with tuck-away shoulder straps allowing you to wear the bag across your chest as a sling are your good option if you want to put a premium on weight management and comfort. Case Logic produces large sling backpacks tailored to fit 15-inch laptops and DSLR-inch with up to 8-inch lens attached. It comes with adjustable, padded dividers, top compartment, and various side pockets to provide organization for your other accessories. It also features several access points for your camera and gear for speedy retrieval. Other brands offering sling backpacks for DSLR and laptops are Vivitar and Accessory Genie.

Another way to carry your DSLR, gear and laptop is by using durable across-the-shoulder canvas messenger bags available from Evecase. These bags come with dedicated compartments for your equipment, a rain coat, and zippered pockets for your small accessories. You can also use this as a casual everyday bag by simply removing two insert dividers to create room for books, tablets, and other essentials.

Protect your gear, laptop, and other digital accessories during travel with a camera and laptop sling bag that gives you quick access to your devices so you don’t miss a shot.