Camcorders allow you to capture life’s special moments in stunning high definition. When browsing a camcorders sale, there is an array of important technical specifications to consider ranging from video resolution and focal length to memory type and display interface. You should also make sure that this type of portable gadget can be synced with other electronics and computers via appropriate cable connections like USB and HDMI. Some popular brands that manufacture premium camcorders include Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon, Vivitar and Samsung.

Weighing only a few hundred grams, modern camcorders are designed to be lightweight enough to be held with one hand. Thanks to internal Flash memory, a lot of excessive weight has been eliminated. This type of advanced memory storage can hold dozens of Gigabytes of videos. SDXC memory cards can also be inserted into camcorders to hold many more hours of movies. For example, a memory card with 64 GB can store well over 10 hours of common file formats such as MPEG4.

The most common video resolution in contemporary camcorders is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This type of specification is sometimes expressed as 1080p in quality. Additionally, camcorders may have lens systems that are capable of capturing still images in resolutions that are expressed in Megapixels. CMOS is a standard type of image sensor that allows camcorders to capture photographs.

Camcorders that are designed to record subjects from a long distance have excellent optical zoom and digital zoom. For example, an optical zoom of 30x is effective at capturing moving and stationary objects from hundreds of feet away. A digital zoom of 350x in the same camcorder would further magnify the images more than tenfold. Image stabilization is an important feature that must be activated to minimize blurs when you zoom in. For recording in dark conditions, it’s best to choose a camcorder that comes with an integrated light. If you prefer to download and share videos on a camcorder without using any wires, look for capabilities such as Wi-Fi and NFC. A camcorders sale lets you find the right product to record spontaneous and important scenes in your life.