OtterBox is one of the best known and bestselling protective cell phone cases on the market today. The company is famous for both having high quality cases and for replacing those cases in the event that they become damaged, no questions asked. Since their founding in 1998, OtterBox has become nearly synonymous with the highest quality in phone cases.

Now, you can build your own OtterBox. If you have a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, you can get an OtterBox custom matched to your personality (or that one outfit you have that is FIRE!). The OtterBox is made of two pieces, an inner hard plastic case called the shell and an outer flexible plastic slipcover. When you build your own Otterbox, you have the option of choosing from black, white, “blaze pink,” “royal blue,” “citron green,” or light teal for your inner shell. To complete your customization, you can choose from black, “gunmetal grey,” “blaze pink,” “dark jade,” and “deep water blue” for your slipcover.

Your new personalized OtterBox protects your device from dust protection with its port covers. Your screen is protected by the built in screen protector. Your entire device is protected from scratches. However, perhaps most importantly, your device is protected from drops, knocks, and shocks by the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection, their very own collection of 238+ hours of testing in 24+ areas of common risks.  You can see OtterBox “Build your Own” cases here

Your phone was a major investment. It is your tether to the outside world. It holds your important texts. It keeps your favorite photos. You access your emails. You tweet. Hashtag lifeline …and let’s not forget, you use it to call people from time to time. So, don’t let anything happen to it. Protect your phone with the very best protective device on the market today.