Mailing a letter or paying a bill is generally pretty safe in a standard envelope. However, when you need to send something that is breakable or needs more protection, you need to give it a bit of cushioning so it can make it unscathed through the gorillas and machinery we suspect are utilized by our postal service. For those things, you need bubble mailers in 12×15 from Kraft.

There are many styles you can choose from, as well as package sizes, especially with online retailers. Generally, the more you get at one time the less you’ll pay per piece, so if you have an ongoing need for bubble mailers in 12×15 by Kraft, this is the most cost effective way to shop.

Pratt’s KAJ-6 Self-Seal Kraft Bubble Mailer, 12.5” x 18” comes in a pack of 50. By having a bit more room, you’ll have more useable space since the bubble height uses up 3/16” of it. The pressure-sensitive, self-sealing adhesive closure is reliable and tamper-evident.

Although a bit smaller than the 12 x 15 size, this may serve your needs as well. Yens offers their 8.5 x 12 Kraft Bubble Padded Mailers in a budget-friendly 100 piece package. They have a self-seal 1.5 flap that will keep your items secure inside without needing tape.

For extra protection, you’ll want the Poly Bubble Mailers from ValueMailers. These provide the same padding and the 8.5 x 12 size as the other ones but with a durable, moisture resistant, multi-layer blend of polyethylene film, this patented mailer with tear-opening system will be best in inclement weather. Its bright white exterior also provides a professional image for your company.

When you are shipping CDs, DVDs, books and other items that you want to arrive in perfect condition, you’ll want these useful bubble mailers in 12×15 from Kraft. Durable enough for safe transit, but light enough to control shipping costs, these belong in every supply closet.