The Browning Hi-Power pistol is a popular pistol that has been manufactured for many years, and as such there are a great variety of holsters available for those lucky enough to own this gun. The holsters on the market vary from those designed for concealed carry, holsters for open carry, holsters made for horseback riding, and many more. The Internet allows you access to more Browning Hi-Power holster options at better prices as compared to a brick and mortar store, and also removes the inconvenience of traveling to the store.

Thigh holsters
Thigh holsters are open carry holsters that hold your Browning Hi-Power at an easily accessible location. They are often made of tactical materials such as nylon, which can stand up to the elements better than other popular materials like leather. Thigh holsters are the most common option for carrying within the gun owner’s property, but most consider them to be too easily visible to wear in public.

Inside the waistband
Browning Hi-Power holsters worn inside the waistband, also called IWB holsters, are available in a wide selection of designs and materials. These holsters are very popular for concealed carry, as they are undetectable and allow easy access to your firearm.

Outside the waistband
The most popular open carry option for those carrying a firearm in public is a holster worn outside the waistband, also called an OTB holster. This holster allows easy access to the weapon, but is not as obvious as a thigh holster. OTB holsters come in a variety of designs and materials, much like IWB holsters.

There is a wide selection of Browning Hi-Power holsters on the Internet. No brick and mortar store can match the price or variety of the holsters found on the Internet. This is why an increasing number of gun owners are purchasing their holsters online.