Having the ability to create documents at home or in the office is essential today. While the paperless office is coming at some point, most of us still rely on printed forms. From inventory lists to invoices to custom menus and everything in between, you need a reliable printer and the accessories and supplies to keep it running.

When it comes to buying a state of the art printer, there’s a lot to recommend the Brother 2540. It’s a wireless printer that connects to your home or work network without the need for cables. It’s also a laser printer, so you can be assured that you’re getting the highest quality prints every time. Of course, the low price means that it can work well in both home offices and businesses.

Along with your Brother 2540 printer, you’ll need a few supplies to keep it running. Toner is one thing you’ll most certainly want to stock up on. Brother Printer TN660 High Yield Toner is available for your needs, although you might want to consider the E-Z Ink replacement instead to save a little money. This toner replacement cartridge fits all printers that the TN660 cartridge does, but it only costs about a quarter of what Brother’s toner does.

EPS also offers a replacement toner cartridge that will fit your Brother 2540 printer and it is even more affordable. Other brands that you might consider include V4INK, Sherman Inks and Toner, Toner Kingdom and TonerPlus USA to name just a few.

Of course, you can’t forget the paper. You’ll find options from companies like Pacific Paper, as well as many others. Make sure that the paper you purchase is rated for a laser printer rather than an inkjet, though.

Get the printer you need for anything from business reports to the great American novel.