If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone in your life who loves mermaids, you have an easy search ahead. There are thousands if not millions of mermaid statues, figurines, clothing items and other accessories out there. Really the hardest part is going to be narrowing down your list. To help you do that we’re going to list a few of the most popular mermaid gifts available.

Starting off we have the classic Bronze Mermaid on Shell figurine by YTC. This bronze mermaid statue features a mermaid sitting on a shell with an anchor and a ship’s steering wheel beneath it. The mermaid is facing forward like she’s looking back at you and has a small spot of blue where the pendant of her necklace is. If you’re looking for a new bronze mermaid statue for your collection or to gift to someone else, YTC has many styles to choose from.

Next on our list, we’re going to check out a gift for the younger ones. Any little princess who likes mermaids obviously loves Ariel, so if you want the perfect gift for such a child try the Ariel Statue Jewelry Box. What makes this Little Mermaid gift so special is that the way it’s designed, they’ll still want it in their room as they get older. This truly is a piece for children and adults alike. But what if you want a clothing item instead of a bronze mermaid statue?

A funny gift for the mermaid lover that isn’t too tacky to wear every day is the women’s Be a Mermaid t-shirt by Tuffy McPuggles. This clever t-shirt reads, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then be a mermaid.” The shirt itself is grey with white writing and has a turquoise mermaid silhouette beside the words.

So now that you’ve seen what’s out there, you can get that special someone on your list a mermaid gift they will know took some real thought.