Winning more than a dozen Emmy Awards and garnering praise from critics and adoration from fans, the cable television hit series, Breaking Bad, explores the life of a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who is forced by circumstance to become a hardened drug lord. Watching Walter White’s slow descent into the criminal underworld of Albuquerque and his inevitable metamorphosis into its primary narcotics kingpin is one of the most fascinating character transformations in television history. Throughout the series, the viewer’s initial sympathy for Walter’s plight is tested, as his growing Machiavellian cruelty renders him almost unrecognizable when compared to his former self.

Breaking Bad season six forms the second part of the final season. Picking up where the crescendo of part one ends, Hank finally realizes that the elusive Heisenberg he’s been futilely attempting to capture is none other than his own brother-in-law. Hank’s surreptitious placement of a tracking device on Walt’s car is discovered, foiling his plans of capture. Hank then enlists an enraged Jesse in his attempt to bring Walt to justice. Learning of Walt’s cruel poisoning of a small child, Jesse agrees to assist Hank in capturing his former mentor. Realizing Jesse has become a liability to him, Walt orders Jesse’s murder.

Staging the destruction of Walt’s secretly buried money, Hank and Jesse lure Walter into showing them where he has really hidden his tens of millions of dollars. This marks a turning point in the season, where the aftermath of that day sends shock waves through all the members of Walt’s family. Events progressively unravel the lives of all the major characters, while introducing entirely new faces to the season, such as the impeccably dressed Lydia and the corn-fed Iowa boy with the heart of a killer, Todd. Brilliantly paced and expertly directed, the supercharged episodes of Breaking Bad season six are a necessary addition to any fan’s viewing library.