Feminine accents can make your smartphone stand out from those of others as you display your love of things that are frilly and fabulous. Bow iPhone 5 cases are perfect for expressing your own personality or for complementing a smartphone gift for a teen daughter. As you look for the right bow theme in a case, you will also want to consider colors, durability, and versatility in design.

Welity truly captures the interests of girls of all ages in its iPhone 5 cases. The brand features a bow design in a brilliant pink hue that is contrasted by black and a pink leopard grain motif. The wallet case is one of the most versatile choices for teens and older users of the iPhone 5. There are two slots for identification and bank cards, and a larger pocket is included to handle cash or papers. The unit features a kickstand configuration that facilitates easy video viewing from your phone. A magnetic clip keeps the iPhone securely in place. This case is available in many additional colors and motifs, great for affordable gifting or personal cellphone management.

NiceEshop is another fun manufacturer to consider as you look for bow iPhone 5 cases. The company features a hard case cover for the iPhone 5 that is embellished with pearls and rhinestones. A white bow is mounted at an angle for a dimensional look that is eye-catching and attractive. The pink and white colors are perfect for a teen or young adult, but you can consider the black bow on a white case as well. You’ll also find bow-themed smartphone cases with polka dot motifs from NiceEshop.

Mavis’s Diary is another company that offers you plenty of blingy options in smartphone cases. The company carries a hard case for iPhone 5 that is embellished with pink rhinestones and a large pink bow, fun for the girl who loves glitz. You’ll also find heart and butterfly embellishments among the offerings from Mavis’s Diary.

Today’s smartphone cases don’t have to be dull and clunky. Bow iPhone 5 cases ensure that you can enjoy a bit of bling as you liven up your digital life.