David E. Kelley made a name for himself in the world of television as the creator of multiple network tv shows over the years. Most of them left their own mark in television history, starting with L.A. Law, a legal series appearing on NBC. With a background in law himself, Kelley created many shows surrounding the daily lives of people in legal firms. This includes one of his most popular shows, Ally Mcbeal, starring Calista Flockhart. However, one show managed to appear with a different subject in mind.

Treat yourself to the David E. Kelley show, Boston Public on DVD. To get started, make sure to get a copy of Boston Public: Season One. Focused around the lives of 10 educators in a high school setting, Boston Public took on the perils of life in the school system. The writers captured key issues in episodes revolving around the trouble-making antics of some of these teachers’ students. Shedding light on serious social constraints that many teenagers face, we also see how the teachers were trying to keep their own sanity in the meantime. A show with a lot of heart, the first season of Boston Public on DVD is a great drama to invest your time in.

If you find yourself unable to let go after season one, then move on to Boston Public: The Complete Series DVD Collection. With four seasons of 81 uncut episodes, immerse yourself in all the drama and action of this lovable yet complicated high school. Follow all of the heartbreak, the agony among friends, the politics of the education system and more. Chi McBride is especially great in his role as the principal of the school, aiming to make his students both more intelligent, as well as better people.

Do yourself the service of grabbing a few copies of Boston Public on DVD, and enjoy one of David E. Kelley’s masterpieces.