Are you a Bose enthusiast? Millions of people around the world understand that Bose makes some of the most superior sound equipment on the market. From full-blown systems to individual Bluetooth speakers, they are a trusted brand.

However, it is easier than you might think to misplace the power cords for the portable speakers, and it is why you will find a need for Bose SoundLink Color power cords. Bose makes a nice variety of wireless speakers, allowing owners to tote them easily from room to room, and when the cords are misplaced, it is possible to get OEM or aftermarket replacements.

For the owners of Bose SoundLink Color Mini II, there are options for Bose SoundLink Color power cords from PWR+. They make an Extra Long 6.5 ft Rapid 2.1A Charger Adapter for the Bose power cord. They also make a 14-foot adapter at 20 volts for the SoundLink I, II, and III models, but not for the Mini or the Color speakers.

Bose also produces the SoundLink Mini Wall Charger for those who misplace this same cord. They make their basic SoundLink Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Speaker Wall Charger as well.

Other Bose SoundLink Color power cords can be obtained from NiceTQ who makes a six foot Micro USB Charger Cable Cord for Bose SoundLink Color speakers. HQRP produces a USB to micro USB Charging Cable for several of the Bose SoundLink speakers, but it is necessary to double check for compatibility.

If you haven’t lost the cord but want to bring your speaker in the car, Cosmos makes a Color PU Leather Protective Case and six foot car charger for the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker.

Whether you use the Color speakers from Bose or any of the others mentioned, you can replace lost cords and continue to enjoy the premium sound from these products and devices.