If you are similar to most people, you probably enjoy music. While people may be attached to any number of music genres, everyone loves some kind of music. Music can be a great motivator, which is why it’s often a staple of a gym’s environment. Music can help pass the time, getting you through a long day at your job and giving you the push that you need to keep going. Because of this, music needs to be as readily available and versatile as its uses. Years ago people would carry around a massive boom box, now you just need a set of Bose Bluetooth dual speakers or something similar.

The LUXA2 Groovy Duo Bluetooth Speakers Portable Sound System would be a great alternative to the Bose Bluetooth dual speakers set. This 3-watts mini home speaker system will produce a clean and crisp sound, which can be doubled to increase the audio to 6-watts for a stereo sound experience. While these speakers are designed to be paired with Bluetooth devices, the speakers feature an aux-in port giving you the option of playing music without Bluetooth.

For a more versatile package, EC Technology’s 6W Dual-Driver Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speakers will offer all of the features of the Bose Bluetooth dual speakers, with the addition of built-in phone call support. These speakers feature a Bluetooth connection range of up to 33-feet, with the option of using the aux-in outlet for wired devices. EC Technology’s speaker set comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides an unrivaled 10 to 15-hour playtime, meaning the music will not stop until you want it to.

If you would prefer to stick with a Bose sound system, the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect option. While it is only a one speaker system, the Bose SoundLink will offer the same high-fidelity sound as the Bose Bluetooth dual speakers. While this speaker must be plugged in to operate, it offers a big sound to match its power requirements. With the wide variety of Bluetooth speaker options available, you have the power of being able to find the speakers that will best match your music needs.