They say the Boost Force by ZTE is a device “to be reckoned with.” However, no smartphone is completely invincible. You are advised to find the right protective case for your smartphone.

The Miniturtle 2-in-1 Premium Hybrid Armor Suit Hard Protective phone case is one multi-functional solution. It fits snugly on the ZTE Force, and you can use the kickstand to prop it up when watching videos. It also has a swiveling belt holster clip for carrying it with you wherever you go. This cover is made from hard plastic and silicone with reinforced corners. It absorbs shock upon impact and is easy to hold in the hand.

The Eagle Cell HypeKick Hybrid Protective Gummy TPU Case is another wise choice. It fits nicely over the phone without causing interference when charging your device or using headphones. Its kickstand allows you to prop your phone up for easy landscape or portrait media viewing. It is made from both hard and soft materials that provide maximum protection against impact. This shield also makes your device comfortable to hold in your hand.

The Importer520 is another rubberized case that will snap easily onto your smartphone. The steamlined shape of it offers you both style and practicality. You can hold it comfortably into your hand, and it shields your phone from spills and drops. The sides are made of reinforced plastic for enhanced durability. It comes in one of several colors including red, blue, green, pink or purple.

You also need to prevent your screen from cracking. One way to do this is use the high-definition clear Supershieldz screen protectors. The triple-layer polymer surface ensures advanced protection against scratches, cuts and cracks. The special crystal film used to make them allow for easier fit, and they cling to your device’s screen without need for adhesive. One smoothing card and two cleaning cloths come with this package.

Additional Boost Force products are available. For instance, you might want to enhance your audio listening experience and talk safely on the go with a pair of Fonus Flat Wired Earbuds. Otherwise, you might need an Acesoft replacement high capacity battery.

Shop here for Boost Force protective covers here. A high-quality cover along with headsets and batteries made for your phone can prolong the life of it.