Have you ever silently patted yourself on your back for installing a Bodyguardz Note 5 screen protector on your smartphone thus saving it from a splash of water or a stab with a pointed object from that too-smart toddler? No, we don’t want to put your gadget’s water-resistant feature to a test anytime soon. We must also teach that toddler the difference between a pointed object and a stylus.

Installing a Bodyguardz Note 5 protector on your smartphone and keeping it scratch-free is easy with screen protectors from BodyGuardz. Aside from offering protectors that are shock, heat, and chemical resistant, their products are also great in preventing fingerprints. Packaged with pre-installed trays which are specifically designed for perfect applications, their anti-shatter tempered glass protectors will never let you down.

Caseguru also offers tempered-glass resistant screen protectors that are .33mm thick. They are highly durable and scratch resistant while at the same time don’t interfere with screen sensitivity. With a lifetime warranty and friendly customer service, you can’t go wrong with any of their products.

You can also get screen protectors that are made of ballistic Oleophobic tempered glass material from Stalion. Their products enhance your gadget’s display while offering maximum protection. Say goodbye to scratches, scuffs, dirt, and fingerprints with their easy install protectors that come with manuals, microfiber cloth, dust removal tape and smoothing squeegee card.

iVoler is another brand that offers Oleophobic coating screen protectors for Galaxy Note 5. They prevent excessive fingerprinting and oil stains thus keeping your gadget’s screen easy to clean. They also come with a complete installation kit as well as a lifetime warranty.

Check out other screen protectors from iSmooth, Gpel, Deego, Yootech and Spigen among others. They also offer features that will suit your gadget’s needs.

Applying a Bodyguardz Note 5 screen protector on a smartphone can be tricky for an amateur. Consult with an expert for satisfying results.