Thanks to modern technological advancements there’s no reason to be constricted by wires connected to your headphones. Almost everyone uses their smartphone or tablet to play their music and all of these devices are Bluetooth compatible. There is a pair of Bluetooth headphones to match ever wired pair. To help give you an idea of what’s out there, we’re going to highlight a few different styles of wireless headphones below.

The Flexion KS-901 are your basic wireless earbud replacement. These ear buds connect to one another via a cable that goes behind your neck. They are sweat proof and available in yellow or black. The right earbud contains the charging port and Bluetooth adapter. These highly affordable Bluetooth headphones utilize Bluetooth 4 for maximum battery life. The right earbud also contains a microphone for wireless calls and convenient volume as well as call answer buttons.

If you’re looking for headphones that hook around the ear so they won’t fall off when you run, try the AKEDRE Bluetooth Sport Headphones. These headphones are available in black, gold, metallic green and ice white. They have a 185 hour standby time and can be used for five hours of continuous music play. These Bluetooth 4.1 headphones have a ten meter range and connect to one another via a cable that runs behind your neck. All of the control buttons are nested in the left earphone.

The Mixcder ShareMe Bluetooth wireless large over the ear headphones deliver skull crushing sound at without the messy, restrictive wires. They’re available in red and black or blue and white and can be used for 20 hours of continuous music listening. These affordable Bluetooth wireless large over the ear headphones have a built in microphone and call buttons. Thanks to modern technology there’s no reason to be strapped down to your audio devices by inconvenient wires.