Have you had a poor experience with bluetooth keyboards in the past? Odds are the issue was concerning the usage distance the keyboard was capable of. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to get your important work done and experiencing constant disconnections from your bluetooth keyboard to your device. A bluetooth keyboard long distance capable will make these problems a thing of the past, as these kinds of keyboards have been specifically designed to be used even when you’re a good distance away from your device.

Fintie makes a high quality wireless bluetooth keyboard that has a long distance usage rating of up to 10 meters. This bluetooth 3.0 capable device has a complete keyboard and built in touchpad, but is still compact enough to be stored in your bag with your other computing equipment.

The Wireless Keyboard K270 from Logitech is an excellent bluetooth keyboard for users who want not only long distance capability, but the convenience of a full keyboard that includes a numerical pad. This keyboard has a 10 meter range, long battery life, and 8 extra hotkeys which can help you quickly access your web browser, email, volume control, and more.

IOGEAR makes wireless keyboard and mouse combo set that’s capable of operation up to 33 feet away from your device. The full keyboard includes a numerical pad, and the mouse has a precision ergonomic design with 5 buttons. You can even adjust the sensitivity of the mouse for easier pointing and scrolling.

While shopping for a bluetooth keyboard long distance, keep in mind just how far away from your bluetooth capable device that you’re most likely to be. This can help you select the right range. If you know you’ll never be more than 15 feet away from your device, that’s a good thing to know – but just to be safe, get a bluetooth keyboard long distance that’s capable of a little bit extra just in case. When you add this piece of equipment to your computer accessories, you’ll love the additional convenience it affords.