Hands-free and wireless are words we all use in our day to day lives, and if not, we still want to access such technologies more than we realize. After all, how many of us use Bluetooth technology with phones and MP3 players? This is why a Bluetooth headset adapter is such a handy device. In essence, anything that has a standard 3.5mm audio jack can be partnered to a Bluetooth headset adapter and become wireless. This can usually allow you to convert a car stereo into a speakerphone or use your iPod without toting it around the house!

Consider the Jumbl Bluetooth headset adapter. It is a true “hands free” device that features A2DP Audio Streaming. You are untethered from clunky devices by syncing it to the adapter and then just clipping the button-sized device to your collar or sleeve. You can skip tracks and make calls with the easy to use buttons, and go about your business without any wires if you choose.

NoiseHush makes their Bluetooth Dongle Hands Free Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter/Receiver. Partnered with matching earbuds, it too is a perfect Bluetooth receiver that can sync with an array of devices to allow you to enjoy a truly wireless lifestyle. With its easy interface and long battery life, it is sure to become a favorite gadget.

Turtle Beach makes their Ear Force XBA Bluetooth Chat Adapter that operates without batteries and is a Universal Bluetooth device. This one is a favorite of XBOX gamers.

Accessory Power also makes a user-friendly option with its GOgroove BlueGate Bluetooth Wireless Receiver. It works with home stereos, portable speakers, car sound systems, and headphones. It is the perfect accessory for phones and tablets.

You can adapt many devices and enjoy wireless sound thanks to Bluetooth technologies. These options range from more advanced to easy for all, and are sure to include a few options that will meet your needs.