You probably purchased your HTC M9 because it is such a high end device. With one of the larger screens, a stunning 5″ model, and a 20mp camera, it is ready to go. It was released in 2015, making it one of the newest and finest devices. Unfortunately, even the best devices still need accessories if they are to give you the performance and function you want. That is why you may be on a hunt for Bluetooth for HTC M9 equipment.

One of the key components are headsets that work with Bluetooth for HTC M9 devices, and you will find many top of the line options. aLLreLi makes their ALLMB0313K6, which is a Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless Headset. It offers a microphone, can sync with two devices, and is known for its impressive sound quality and clarity. It can operate up to five hours and provides 180 hours of standby before it needs charging.

Another leading device with Bluetooth for HTC M9 is the Elsse Micro Music Cube. This is a stunning little wireless speaker that has a built in microphone but which is so small that it can actually clip to the phone and go with you for fully portable sound. If you prefer to keep it discreet, Vinus makes their Wireless APT-X Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Headset. Featuring a neckband style design, they are earbuds that integrate perfectly with the HTC phones.

If you use the camera on the phone a lot, another amazing Bluetooth gadget is from Bastex. Their Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release and Self Timer lets you mount your device to a kickstand or tripod, and then trigger the camera in a hands free way!

Really tricking out your HTC M9 is fun and functional. These gadgets represent the best options for your device and will boost your level of enjoyment any time you use it.