Bluetooth technology has changed the way we use electronic devices. Bluetooth has given us the means to get rid of the wires and use many electronic device accessories simply by pairing devices together. Speakers, mice, phones, and car electronics all have become Bluetooth enabled. One of the original devices to carry the Bluetooth name was a hands free phone device that let you accept calls remotely from your phone. Now Bluetooth enabled hands free phones devices have gone a step further by offering the Bluetooth earpiece with caller announce capabilities. 

One of the most well known manufacturer of Bluetooth ear pieces is Blue Ant and they have the BlueAnt Q2 Voice-Controlled Pure Conversation Bluetooth Headset (Black, in BlueAnt Retail Packaging that does it all. This device completely uses voice control to operate and use it. Voice control will answer, ignore, or allow you to make a call to anyone on your contacts list all just by talking to it. One of the coolest things is caller ID with the call announce feature. Now you don’t have to get stuck in that telemarketer speech because you didn’t know who it was. 
Another champion choice by Blue Ant is the BlueAnt Q3i Black BT4.0 Voice Control Bluetooth headset call announce/voice answer/wind armour/DSP/8hrs iPhone6+,6,Android. This model gives a little more talk time and also adds Wind Armor, which allows the device to intuitively detect wind and implement noise cancellation and echo control. If you have Siri or Google enabled you can integrate them with this device for even more voice action. Call announce is on this device also making it an all-around excellent choice in a hands free ear piece. 

Don’t ever get stuck on an unwanted phone call because of Bluetooth again thanks to a Bluetooth earpiece with caller announce capabilities. Blue Ant has you covered with the latest technology to make hands free an exceptional experience.