Blue’s Clues was a popular television show that aired on Nickelodeon for more than 10 years. While the show is now off the air, you can get your children interested in the series with a Blue’s Clues Story Time video or products featuring the adorable little dog.

The show was unique for it time because it featured a live action host and an animated background. Originally hosted by Steve, the show later brought in his fictional cousin Joe to take over as host. Each episode used a blue dog appropriately named Blue to teach kids new lessons and skills. The show received awards for incorporating sign language into episodes and for helping children with certain disabilities.

One of the more popular episodes of the show is now available on video. Blue’s Clues Story Time shows Blue and Steve sharing a story together. As the episode is fairly short, it will easily hold your child’s attention from the opening credits to the very end. You may also want to buy a copy of Blue’s Birthday, which shows kids how their favorite dog celebrated her birthday.

Though the episodes are available on tape, don’t worry if you no longer have a VCR. With streaming and download options, you can share those treasured episodes with kids in multiple ways. They can watch those episodes on a smart television or through your gaming console connected to the Internet, but you can also watch episodes together on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. In addition to the Blue’s Clues Story Time episode, you can download and watch full seasons of the long running television series.

After your kids develop an interest in Blue, Steve, Joe and all their fun adventures, you can pick up books and even toys. This lets your kids have fun making their own stories for their favorite characters. While Blue’s Clues Story Time is a popular episode of the old Nickelodeon show, you can still find plush Blue dolls, action figures and books featuring the characters from the hit show.