If you’re looking to expand your movie collection without depleting the contents of your wallet, a great way to do so is by seeking out and purchasing blueray movies under $10. There’s a surprisingly large amount of movies at this affordable price point. Blu-ray has been around for a while now, so if you were an early adopter and remember how expensive movies were when this playback device first the market, it might be time to check again. Blu-ray movies are known for their crisp visuals and excellent audio quality, so if you’d like to enjoy these types of movies without spending too much, blueray movies under $10 are a great place to start.

One of the best blueray movies under $10 is X-men: Days of Future Past. This movie is a delight to watch in high definition blu-ray quality, because it’s action packed and features all of your favorite X-men heroes, ranging from Professor X, to Wolverine, and even Nightcrawler. Fans of superhero movies are sure to be pleased with the storytelling and realistic portrayal of their favorite comic book characters.

Interstellar is one of Matthew McConaughey’s best performances, and if you missed it in theaters it’s a great idea to pick it up on high definition blu-ray for home viewing. You can enjoy this thoughtful yet action packed science fiction film for a great price too, as it’s among other blueray movies under $10.

If you’d like to enjoy a family friendly feature on Blu-ray without spending too much, you can grab a cheap copy of How to Train Your Dragon 2. This movie has quickly become a “cult classic”, getting the attention of not only kids, but parents and people of all ages as well.

Buying affordable Blu-ray movies is an excellent way to expand your collection so that you and your family or friends always have something to watch on your Blu-ray player. These movies are so high quality and enjoyable to watch, you’ll probably reconsider going out to the movie theater next time – you might just want to stay home with your Blu-ray player.