You love all things owl. When you add the fact that your favorite color is blue, you are only in the market for those blue owl iPod Touch 5th generation cases. Amidst all of the hot pink, “bling” and Tiffany blue cases that your friends sport, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Three blue owl iPod Touch 5th generation cases will be presented. Choose one based on your personal style, price point and the case’s color palette. The great news is that you will have plenty of these cases to choose from.

MagicSky’s High Impact Armor Protective Case features a mama owl and her baby sitting on a tree branch. The protective case shields your iPod against dust and dirt, and its shock resistant technology will keep it from breaking in the case of drops and accidents. The corners and sides are also reinforced for additional precautionary measures. With all of this protection and the cute sky blue owls on the case, this is a whimsical case that will keep your device safe.

Those owl fans who need more than two blue owls on their iPod case can look at Cell-Tronics Wireless’ 3-Piece Impact Hybrid Combo Hard Case Cover for the 5th generation iPod. The mint blue case features three rows of owls sitting on tree branches. This cool case also comes with a screen protector and a stylus pen.

Are you a fan of both blue owls and floral patterns? Then consider Cell-Tronics Wireless’ other case. This one has two owls looking lovingly at each other while sitting on a tree branch. This high impact case will not only protect your iPod from dirt, grime and drops, but the reinforced edges will give your iPod additional padding.

Even though both of the cases from Cell-Tronics Wireless are made up of three pieces, installing them is as easy as snapping them on.

If you want a quirky case, a blue owl iPod Touch 5th generation case can be the perfect solution for your need to have a cute covering for your iPod.